We involve budding lawyers to research on emerging legal and policy issues. We take interest in every sector that has regulatory and policy concerns. We believe young professionals need to upskill their knowledge, develop agility to cater to the needs of new age businesses. The ability to adapt to the changing times requires focused research on regulatory and policy issues.

Socio-political concerns, imbalanced policies creates roadblocks for emerging new age entrepreneurship, risking stability or even sustainability, doing business at ease unworkable. When media and policy makers cater to the stereotypes, lacking evidence based discussions, it impacts regulatory design, creates more conflicts than resolution. 

Is the GenZ ready for the debate on resolving existing regulatory and policy gaps?

We invite contributions from GenZ  – lawyers, policy makers, entrepreneurs who will occupy important roles as decision makers of tomorrow.
The Posts represent the perspective of the founder, Anupam Sanghi who has led pathbreaking litigation, competition and regulatory matters in the TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology ) sector. The insights come from  her practical experience, application of law and policy, academic learnings, research and professional experience. Over the years, She has developed skills to find new strategies that help in coming up with new solutions. 


  • Key concepts of Competition Law
  • Evolution of Technology law
  • Case analysis of decisions by Regulatory authorities like CCI / TRAI 
  • Interplay of Competition law with IP and other laws.