Our training includes sharp focus on evidence based decision-making processes, adaptive leadership, persuasive social media communication and effective writing skills. 

We train our team members to have a multi-dimensional view and focus on imparting skills to develop a broad vision as well as conceptual understanding of various regulatory and policy issues. This will be done through one-on-one engagement, interactive training with other leaders/ practitioners in the field of law and Policy.

Our trainees can develop practical learnings on how to assess / pre-empt regulatory approaches, guide market players to become conscious of their pitfalls, debate for research-based regulations and policies.


“Learn Continually- there’s always “one more thing” to learn!

-Steve Jobs

Learning how to learn is the first step towards success. It is important to first prepare for a challenge before taking it. People possess talent to attain their goals but they need to tap it with upgrading knowledge, inculcating the habit of perseverance so that they can help themselves in overcoming fear of competition. 

Competition Law Chronicle will provide you with a platform to enhance your research skills and get an insight of practical aspects of competition law.

We welcome enthusiastic and keen learners on board to join our team. The team members will not only get practical exposure of competition law but we will also mentor our team members and provide them with trainings to enhance their skills. You can apply for the following departments: 

  1. Media and Marketing
    This department is responsible for looking after the social media handles, online promotions and marketing of Competition Law Chronicle.
  2. Editorial Board
    This department is responsible for reviewing the submissions received and to process the content before publication on website.

Application Process

The interested candidates can email their CV on [email protected] specifying the department which they wish to work with.