Mergers and Acquisitions

Competition Redefined in India: The Competition Commission Steps In

The recent judgments by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) reveal a close scrutiny of the conduct of market players in order to rein in dominance and belligerence by big players. The CCI, in fulfilling its mandate of nurturing entrepreneurial opportunities, seeks to ensure a level playing field. Section 4 of the Competition Act states, […]

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The Sun-Ranbaxy Merger

Sun-Ranbaxy USD 4 billion merger completed The two firms have received a nod from the Competition Commission for sale of seven brands to Emcure Pharma to comply with the fair trade watchdog’s conditional nod for their merger. In an order issued yesterday, CCI approved the deal with Emcure, which would purchase the ‘divestment products’ that

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Life in Antitrust Times

What is Antitrust Law? With their potential for multimillion dollar damage awards as well as their potential for restructuring entire industries (such as the telecommunications or petro-chemical industries), antitrust cases are complex high-stakes cases that often make front page news. Antitrust law was responsible for the breakup of the Standard Oil Company into numerous competitors

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